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Oxygen Sensor

Measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust stream, allowing the ECM to compensate to some degree for various conditions.

ABS Speed Sensor

Provides speed information to auxiliary systems ABS to help calculate the distance covered.

Pressure Sensor

Measure mainfold air pressure and temperature

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Parking Sensor

Parking sensor is used to help driver to park their cars more easier.

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TP Sensor

Measure the Throttle Position

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CKP Sensor

Used to detect engine speed/ engine rotation position.

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News & Events
•  ABS Speed Sensors have already been available
•  We are beginning to supply Phase Sensor
•  Mainfold Air Pressure Sensor is available now
•  We release new Hot Film Mass Air Flow Sensor
•  Our Heated Oxygen Sensor have already been testing
•  Crankshaft Position Sensor have been offered now

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